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Beyond the theme and the design, slot machines differentiate themselves by a collection of more technical criteria such as the slot engine and the volatility (also known as variance) which allow us to classify them. The casino with the biggest selection of low volatily slots is Betiton.com !

The volatility, which may be low, medium (yet also medium-low or medium-high) or high is an element on which online casinos and slot providers communicate very little- if at all. As a matter of fact, some casinos offer you to choose slots in their lobby according to their slot provider or according to the number of lines however none of them classify them by volatility. This factor is however essential in order for one to understand the potential of a slot since it gives an indication as regards to the hit frequency and gives us an idea of the sum of the gains a player may hope to obtain.

Here, we focus on low variance. You may discover what this means by consulting our TOP 10 best online low volatility slots for english players and players from all around the world. Here we are looking low variance. Discover what this really means, alongside our TOP 10. You will find in this article the complete list of the best low volatility slots to play online.

Low volatility slot: What does it mean ?

The low variance of a video slot is the result of the combination of 3 elements:

  • The frequency of the payouts,
  • The sum of the payouts,
  • The risk of the game.

By definition, a low volatility slot machine pays small wins very frequently. The prizes are generally not very important, however given that they are frequent, the player may maintain a balance which allows him to continue playing. These machines are notably very useful to complete the wagering of a bonus received more easily, especially if the low volatility of the slot is combined with a high RTP.

Low volatility online slot machines are those which will offer the highest payout frequency per bet, however the sum of these payouts will be relatively low, for example Bet 1x or Bet 5x at best. It is for this reason that they display a lower risk of deadweight losses for the player than medium or high volatility slots. For every spin, the probability of generating gains is more important, therefore every bet is less risky.

RTP (Payout) and low variance

The RTP (Return to Player) is another indicator which defines a machine, however as we will explain to you, the RTP and the volatility are two distinct elements and it is not possible to know the variance of a game according to its RTP alone.

The RTP (or Payout) is a percentage which indicates which part of the bets invested is paid back to the players. Thus, an RTP of 96% signifies that on average, on £100 of bets registered in a machine, £96 is returned to the players in the form of prizes. The payout and the variance are therefore two totally independent types of data.

A low and a high volatility slot may display an identical RTP. This is for example the case of two Netent slots; Hook’s Heroes (low variance) and Dead or Alive (high variance) which both have anReturn to Player of 96.82%. This signifies that the average sum paid back to players is the same in both these games. In the case of Hook’s Heroes, the payouts are of lower value but the game pays often. The opposite is true for Dead or Alive, in which the payouts are more important yet less frequent.

What about the hit frequency ?

The Hit Frequency is a piece of data related to the volatility of a machine for it indicates in the form of a percentage the frequency of winnings. A Hit Frequency of 30% for example signifies that on average 30 out of 100 spins are winning. Knowing the hit frequency of a slot enables you to understand whether or not it pays often.

For which players are low volatility games ideal for?

Low volatility video slots are ideal for casual gamblers who wish to have a good time, to play for a long time and who aim for frequent but medium gains and withdrawals. They are not after a massive win such as Bet 1000x or even Bet 5000x, they want to make enough gains to continue playing without having to credit their balance once more and give themselves the goal of frequent but medium withdrawals.

Here is the typical profile of players who are interested by low volatility:

  • They seek a thrilling and entertaining gaming experience with frequent payouts,
  • They wish to play as long as possible without having to make new deposits,
  • Usually, those players have a small budget and do not wish to invest important sums of money.

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