Casino withdrawal limits: Don’t be fooled!

Casino withdrawal limit TRICK!

Casino withdrawal limits: Don’t be fooled!Learn more about casino withdrawal limits and avoid scams by reading our article! Let us be honest and admit it – just like every gambler out there, we love discovering new online casinos and more specifically new mobile casinos. We love jumping from one brand to the next for every single one of them has its specificities, and from one welcome offer to the next in order to make the most of the best casino bonuses.  All it takes is for the casino to get a little innovative by adding a slot machine that no one has for hordes of gamblers to register, open an account and start playing online. To you who are reading these lines, I am sure you see yourself in this passage but wait, you are about to be even more surprised! We are so obsessed with the idea of discovering new lobbies that we almost forget to read the basic rules which constitute the terms and conditions of the casino, such as the wagering requirement, the way games count towards fulfilling the wagering, the sum of the maximum bet under the wagering requirement and the minimum, maximum withdrawal limit which are most often monthly or even weekly. While we’re at it, did you know that casinos in possession of a UKGC license should offer a no limit withdrawal policy? Daily, weekly and monthly limits are forbidden in the UK market.

If a casino is restricting the maximum amount customers can withdraw daily, weekly or monthly, you must contact the United Kingdom Gambling Commission directly. You will then be payed immediately and in a single instalment, if your winnings are legit obviously.

Withdrawal limits based on VIP level

The usual trick used by some casinos which impose limits on withdrawals is well oiled. You are taken to beautiful and well-designed web pages on which you can read that the maximum sum of the withdrawal varies according to the player’s VIP level. Of course, most of the time your VIP level is so low that your withdrawals are limited to just a few thousand pounds…as if by chance!
Icing on the cake, once you have read through this page you will be reminded that you have “read, understood and approved” these terms and conditions upon your registration with the casino. Players feel so dumb for not reading these terms that generally speaking they do not complain.

This trick works in 80% of cases however it is highly illegal and goes against British legislation. As we have previously mentioned, the casinos in possession of a license issued by the Birtish regulator (UKGC) are prohibited from imposing a casino withdrawal limit! You will therefore be paid in a single instalment if you submit a claim to the Gambling Commission. Know that as a matter of fact, it is the latter which has the power to sanction the casinos which impose withdrawal limits by imposing fines on them.

You now understand the advantage of always playing on casinos in possession of a license rather than on the platform of a pirate operator who puts forward a Curuçao license. It should be recalled, in passing that some licenses such as Curuçao are much less valuable. By playing on websites regulated in the UK, you can in fact always contact the regulator responsible for issuing its license to settle this dispute. By attempting to trick players with their grotesque tricks, casinos risk losing their licenses. The regulator has not only the right to impose fines, but it may also withdraw the casino’s license completely if the latter does not respect the guidelines.