NO ACCOUNT CASINO : A new generation of online casinos made in Sweden

NO ACCOUNT CASINO: the secrets behind its success and the reasons why it is so hugely popular amongst gamblers!

NO ACCOUNT CASINO : A new generation of online casinos made in SwedenFew UK players are aware of the NO ACCOUNT CASINO phenomenon which is taking over Europe, and more specifically Sweden. It is simply a matter of depositing money and playing on an online casino without opening an account, and therefore without entering your personal information!
For our part and for many players it is inconceivable to put money on a website without having an account on it, you can clearly see a lack of seriousness and security. So, why has the NO ACCOUNT CASINO been such a success with some online casino players? This is what we are going to find out together.

The scale advantages offered by the NO ACCOUNT CASINO

  • It is true that a large portion of online casino clients, especially the old school generation of gamblers, are a little afraid of playing with an operator without opening an account…On the other hand, it is obvious that there are some gamblers who are delighted not to have to go through filling the registration form and not having to disclose, at least in theory, their identity to the casino. However, let us tell you right now, this is a trick and we shall explain why in the rest of this article.
  • In order to offer a NO REGISTRATION CASINO, the operator must be equipped with payment methods such as Trustly, Zimpler or even Swish. Brace yourself, with these payment methods the withdrawals will be instant. Here is, in a few words, how it works: you win, you make a withdrawal request and you instantly receive the money on your bank account ! No more pending withdrawal time or documents to be sent, and the winnings are on your account even faster than if you had won in a land-based casino!
    Even better, with this payment methods the casino cannot limit the sum of your cash out. You may withdraw as much as you want! You now understand the real reasons behind the immense success of the NO CASINO ACCOUNT!

Till this day, the main advantage of playing in a land-based casino was receiving one’s money straight away. Nowadays, we can say that online casinos pay even faster, for in just one click your winnings are transferred to your bank account!

The dark side of the NO REGISTRATION CASINO

  • As explained above, some players are attracted by the fact that they do not have to reveal their identity in order to play. Still, you must know that at the time of the transaction, an account verification shall be carried out. It is therefore not as confidential as one could imagine it to be.
  • Some NO ACCOUNT CASINOS go even further than this and do not even request the player’s email or anything… He will therefore not receive any communications from the casino, he will not even be informed about novelties and will not benefit from a casino bonus or any promotions. He may thus miss out on offers which may have interested him.
  • It is so simple with such technology to go from one casino to the next that players fly through the services offered by the operator. They do not take the time to discover what they have to offer, like their loyalty or VIP program for example.